8MM Blues

For about two years going now, I’ve been looking for an 8mm camcorder that I can use.

See, everything that I originally shot when I started out was on 8mm. The reason for this was because at the time, the school’s camera was an 8mm, and from time to time I would borrow Jake Pannill’s camcorder, and it too, was 8mm.

I have all my footage from MiniDV transferred over to my computer and DVD for editing. All easily accessible to me. But for the past three and a half years, since the Day In Hot Springs was completed, I have no way of getting all this footage I have on there.

I tried buying one on Amazon, but when it got here, it was busted all to hell and the power cord couldn’t even fit in, so I couldn’t even charge the battery. So I returned it and got a refund.

There is some amazing shit on those tapes that needs to be edited. I have ten tapes, and I’m going on memory, but for sure I know of a few videos that are on those tapes:

Taterfied the series, episodes 1 and part of 2. One episode involves a plot to stop Matt from playing video games and getting him outside. The second episode I THINK has to do with PETA, and Tater’s supposed disapproval of it.

A Day In Hot Springs (Which I want to use to re-edit once more, because when I tranferred the video the first time around, I had no idea what I was doing, and the video is pretty low-quality. This way, I can do one complete and final re-edit of that video)

Super Mario: An adaptation of the game, starring a very young Drake Piper.

Like I said, there is a lot more than I even remember, but I need to find a camera. So if anyone knows anybody in Hot Springs with an 8mm camcorder I can borrow…. let me know!!!

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