"a little lost…"

I have been really busy lately working with videos, which I haven’t done in a while, and I’m pretty stoked about it actually. Jesse is doing a great job as promoter down at the Hangout (it’s a business downtown) and I’ve got a lot of our older (and newer) vids posted to YouTube now, save for the ones that will either be re-edited or just DVD-exclusives.

As far as new videos go, I’m essentially out of footage at the moment. I never thought I would be, because when that summer after high school ended, I had this huge heap of footage that we had filmed but never put together because I’d given up on the Week In Hot Springs. But this year, I watched it all from start to end, and realized we had a lot more shot than I ever thought we did.

Needless to say, our videos from the past our done, and with one season of filming done for the Adventures In Hot Springs series that Jesse and I brainstormed early this summer, I’m not sure what direction to take.

We’ve discussed doing more shorts, and we are still working on getting ideas for those. For those not in the know, there are two books due out soon, and two more in progress: the Christmas In Hot Springs will be available this winter for purchase, and so will the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style story The Shrunken Gump. I’m still working on the Week In Hot Springs scriptbook, and another holiday story, Halloween In Hot Springs.

But as far as videos go, I’m a little lost…

Jesse and I have discussed actually at length about maybe doing another feature-length video. But I’m very hesitant about that idea, because every major project like that: Gibbers, The Week In Hot Springs, Shards of the Transient Diamond, TurtleSphere Q… all fell through because of a lack of support, especially schedule-wise.

That was the purpose of the shorts. People who were enthusiastic about doing videos but weren’t able to commit to a longer shooting schedule could be involved in shooting a video for a couple of hours or two here or there, but even then, that sometimes fell through.

There’s always been that problem. Whether it was the entire ensemble of Gibbers, or the fact we NEVER had a single person cast as Eli in WIHS, or that one massive character in Turtlesphere could not get one day off the same as everyone else… it’s always been one thing or another. And I am a persistent little fucker, but before we really started making progress with the Adventures In Hot Springs, I never EVER wanted to even THINK about doing another feature-size video again.

Which is the same advice I got from the Linns, who made “Indiana Jed” back in the 90’s and now run a production company up in Rapid. They said not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Don’t make it all about effects or junk. Make sure the story is good, and it works, and everything will pull itself together. Start small, with short sub-five minute videos.

I have about four ideas for long-form videos right now. One (The Boy from Out of This World) is really good, but involves a lot of people. One (War of the Dandelions) is still okay, but it involves people, AND it has a lot to do with stuff we’ve already done. And the other (The Strong) involves just one actor, really, but the story is a great concept, but it’s a long way off from being ready.

I want to lean toward WOTD, but I don’t want to feel like I’m repeating myself, even if most of the material has never been filmed before. The sci-fi one is a remake of a old movie, and it really is different from anything I’ve done with this group of people. And it would have to wait till next spring/summer, which I don’t know if we can do. And like I said, the Strong just isn’t very strong yet. LOL.

We’ll see. Maybe you might see a movie vewy vewy soon from Skeeter Bite Productions. It’s always been our dream.

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