This is the Official Adventures In Hot Springs blog!

Welcome everyone to the Skeeter Bite Productions homepage! We are the ones who masterminded the Week In Hot Springs and the Adventures In Hot Springs web series. The group’s executive core consists of:

Justin Gausman: writer, director, producer, videographer, editor, and evil mastermind.
Jesse Needham: actor, writer, producer, and just recently directed his first video!
Matthew Luebeck: actor, executive producer of pretty much everything we ever do.

Members of the board include Taylor Lund, Jim Cunningham, Dawn Alexander, Hunter Cutchin, TD Schmidt, and Josh Tatum.

We all either live or have lived in Hot Springs, South Dakota, which is located just south of the beautiful Black Hills. Our company goals are to provide awesome entertainment, and to use our knowledge to show the world how beautiful the area we live in is.

This goal for this blog is to allow everyone a look inside Skeeter Bite Productions, whether it be behind the scenes, or an peek at something unreleased, or maybe maybe maye just a sneak preview at something new! SQUEE!!! We will also be linking to our videos from video hosting sites online like YouTube, and we will include behind the scenes info with these posts!

If you like our videos, visit often, we’ll try to have something new up often. Enjoy!

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