A Note (on amateur Elvis Remixes)

Over the past ten years that Elvis remixes have been in existence online, I have watched as technology has evolved to allow amateur and professional DJs alike create their own twists on the music of a man who changed all of our lives.

The earliest remixes were few and far between, and all very well-produced. However, as more and more remixes spring up (practically on a daily basis, especially on YouTube,) it’s important to be aware that there has to be some sort of criteria used to classify whether a track should truly be considered a “remix.”

In coming up with my collection that I have, I have searched long and hard to find and document what I consider to be “true” remixes.

There are several amateur “DJ’s” like DJ Ethan or Dr. K, whose work, though admirable and very much listenable (and I certainly do recommend you find their compilation online,) they do not currently count as true remixes. (These are not the only two, just some of the more prominent ones.)

The definition of a remix, as far as this website is concerned, is a track that changes or adds elements not originally in the original master track, or dynamically changes the arrangement of a song.

These so-called “remix albums” online are merely re-edited masters. Whatever overdubs they might have are minimal at best, and I have read of some remixes on these compilation albums being miscredited (whether intentional or not) to someone who did not create them. This is completely and utterly unacceptable and there is too much risk with amateur audio editors who create HUNDREDS of “remixes” to count them on this website’s list.

Also not included, by the way, are bootleg albums which compile remixes found elsewhere (not created specifically FOR that CD.) It’s easy to find mp3s online, and burn a hundred CD-R’s with Lightscribed or printed labels and mocked-up album covers. I could do that with this very website, but I do not. I find it reprehensible and a mockery of the art of remixing.

But if you find anything, certainly send it my way and I’ll see about adding it to the list.

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