Announcing: Once Upon A Time In Hot Springs

The next novel-length tale from Skeeter Bite Productions… takes place 120 years in the past! When a hot shot historian rolls into the small South Dakota town of Hot Springs claiming to have found rare and pristine artifacts from the time of Hot Springs’ formation, long ago thought lost, Jesse Gump is skeptical. A series of mishaps (and wormholes) land Jesse and his friend Jim in Hot Springs – only on Friday, October 16, 1891! Nearly as soon as they arrive, they are torn apart and while they try to locate one another in a place so familiar yet so foreign, they also get entangled in the political turmoil caused by the rivals of the town’s controversial founding father, Fred Evans, who set out to upend Evans’ legacy.

It’s a thrilling adventure in the real old west as the town of Hot Springs plays a larger role than in any other Skeeter Bite story. The historical events occurring during the two weeks Jesse and Jim are in 1891 were meticulously researched and the book includes era-specific photographs including many taken by photographer John C.H. Grabill between 1890 and 1892.

Stay tuned for more information including articles about the real Hot Springs during the timeframe in which the book is set, character profiles, location profiles, book, film and music recommendations and other exciting news!

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