New music video from Sailed To Break coming Thanksgiving 2012!

Hey all,

I’ve been really busy lately with Save the VA, the documentary, and joining the community theater. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished with a rough cut of a new music video for Sailed to Break’s cover of “When We Stand Together.”

As some of you may know, the original we shot in May had to be pulled from YouTube due to location permission issues with the VA over the National Cemetery, where my great-great grandfather is buried. At least that’s the official stance. The unofficial stance is that Steve DiStasio and other VA Administrators didn’t like that we were succeeding in gaining ground and spreading the word about Save the VA and wanted to undermine us utilizing anything they could.

But! That’s in the past. On Thanksgiving Day, 2012, I will post the new music video here, on YouTube, on Facebook, and of course on

I’ve grown rather attached to this one, actually. I personally feel the narrative is a little stronger and it tells a more compelling story.

On a side note, I’m helping to produce the Sailed to Break debut CD, which will hopefully come out mid-December. We’ll be launching a fundraising campaign soon to help offset the costs of production and distribution and one of the kickbacks of helping the cause (besides a pre-ordered copy) is a DVD I’m producing that features interviews, live performances and music videos from the guys. It’ll be a fairly short program, about 30 minutes or so. I’ll get you guys more information about that as soon as the campaign launches.

As far as other projects are concerned, I am just finishing up the first draft of Halloween in Hot Springs: The Stage Adaptation, the documentary is coming along well (the first trailer should be out mid-December as well), and I found myself compelled to write a full treatment of a narrative that I’d like to flesh out later on after all this craziness dies down. Maybe I’ll let you guys in on that hilarious little treat sometime.

Anyway, thanks for all the support. There’s more to come and I will hopefully begin updating this blog more frequently as my projects start actually producing content!


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