Loving the Process – HiketheMovie

I got to see an early incarnation of Hikethemovie today, just as interest is starting to peak thanks to a couple WONDERFUL articles in the Hot Springs Star and Rapid City Journal by Curt Nettinga about Wendee Pettis’s journey to make Hikethemovie.

Wendee called me last week to see if we could arrange a run-through on the big screen at the Mueller Center, and I happily agreed; who wouldn’t?!

So bright and early this morning I loaded in equipment, got the theater prepped and Hikethemovie was screened for an audience of three, and I was immediately taken back to those frantic last couple of weeks before the screening of my own feature, The Incredible Search for Jamie Klotz’s Diary.

I love that feeling. What you see onscreen as the director is awful. You feel like you can’t rescue it, that you should just scrap it and start all over… your notepad has three pages of notes of last-minute edits to make… edits that only you and you alone would notice: up the volume on that take in Act 3, tweak the contrast on that shot early in Act 1. The audience won’t notice, but YOU WILL. It’s a rush and it was interesting to see it from an “outside” perspective.

I imagine very soon I will be doing the same thing once again for “The Veterans Town” and “The Extraordinary Secret of Jamie Klotz’s Diary II” and I honestly can’t wait. Watching someone else’s creative process invigorates me to push harder and do better.

Though I tend to usually be a little bit of a Kevin Smith, blabbering my mouth, spoiling things left and right, I’ll keep the details of what I saw of Hikethemovie to myself except to say that I liked it. I was in it, too, for part of a scene and I didn’t look like a complete tool, so that’s always nice! If you’re in the Hot Springs area on August 10, I recommend going by the Hot Springs Theatre around 3:00pm and watching Babydoefilm’s first movie!

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