In 2008, after five straight years without a single official remix project, EPE finally announced a new remix from a well-known Italian DJ who goes by the name of Spankox. Speculation in Elvis world wondered if they would have authorized another obscure song in the manner of “A Little Less Conversation” and “Rubberneckin’,” perhaps the long-time fan requested remix of “Let Yourself Go” or another similar late 60’s movie song.

Instead, it was Baby Let’s Play House, Elvis’ fourth original single at SUN Records. Fans were utterly speechless. “How could they let this so-called DJ ruin a SUN masterpiece?” They asked. And then, it was released – with an official video clip.

Spankox had taken the same route that JXL had taken – he had left the integrity of the original song intact while adding modern dance club beats and effects. In fact, the Scotty Moore guitar riff plays a more prominent role in this version than in the original master recording.

The song was an instant international smash hit. In Spankox’s native country, the song was a number one hit for five consecutive weeks before being overtaken by Timbaland and OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” but then took the throne again the following week. In some other European countries, it made the top 10 – a true testament to Elvis’ staying power in the world, considering he’d had been dead for 31 years and the original recording itself was 53 years old.

Spankox was mostly praised in the Elvis community for the remix, as it was far more difficult to remix a 50+ year old mono track than a more modern multitrack song. However, Spankox and EPE released a statement that in Europe, they would be releasing Elvis’ first full remix album, to be entitled “Elvis Re:Versions.” However, the album would not be released in the US. The reason? The entire tracklist was made up of songs originally released prior to 1957, meaning that the copyright on them had expired in the European Union, but not in the United States.

And the songs on the tracklist split the gap between remix lovers and traditionalist Elvis fans even further. Older Elvis fans were in shock. Half the album was made up of “sacred” SUN tracks. That’s All Right, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Just Because, You’re A Heartbreaker, and of course the lead single Baby Let’s Play House.

Once was a gimmick, twice was too far. Elvis fans took to the messageboards and comment sections of the articles regarding the release of the album and began filling them with hate messages before having even heard the album.

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