Jamie Klotz’s Diary II Behind the Scenes Video: Cascade Springs Slow-Mo

One of the things I’m most proud of about Jamie Klotz’s Diary II is that I feel like we’ve honestly “stepped up” on so many different levels. Production values have vastly improved, the cast has grown tremendously between the first and second movie, and I think the story and its setpieces are at least a cut above the (admittedly mostly pointless but still ridiculously fun) music montages and final fight scene of the first film. (Which I have to give a ton of credit to Bridgett Hill for choreographing, which added credibility to the fight.)

One of my favorite scenes that we shot that I have held off on showing any clips from is the one as seen in the “alternate angle” above, shot by Dustin Aaberg, who also appears in the movie as “John Ellison.” In its, one of our biggest (big being a relative term) stunts happens!



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