ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Christmas Heist” in development for stage

TheChristmasHeistLogoI’m excited to announce that while editing is progressing on Jamie Klotz’s Diary II & The Veterans Town and the script for Never Been to Graceland is still being written, that I will be starting development of a script for a theatrical play entitled “The Christmas Heist” that will be performed for the first time ever in Hot Springs on December 10-12, 2015 in partnership with Southern Hills Community Theatre.

“The Christmas Heist” is set in 1987 and tells the story of a bank robber who finds himself stranded in a small mountain town after a botched heist mere days before Christmas, and finds himself embroiled in a battle between kids and authorities over the town’s local youth center, which the local city leadership wants to tear down to make way for a strip mall. Classic Christmas themes like materialism versus idealism, greed, and compassion for those in need are explored in this nostalgic original play inspired by a mash-up of classic 80’s action/crime movies and classic 80’s family/holiday movies.

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