Larry and the Monsters Premiere – Magic-Time Films

I had the great fortune last night of being present for the premiere of Magic-Time Films’ “Larry and the Monsters” web series at the Historic Homestake Opera House in Lead, SD. While some might think a theatrical presentation of a web series is unconventional, writer/director/actor/producer/man-of-many-other-hats Ryan Brewer created a special edit of the first season of the series just for the premiere, while at the same time launching the first episode online.

I can’t say I was involved much in the development of the series, but I was able to pitch in and make the official website, for Ryan and crew as the series rolls out over the next month and a half and continues from there.

As far as the series itself, my quickie review would be that Ryan and co-producer/actor/writer Keith Melcher have created a monster of a comedy, imposing classic movie monsters on domestic and office life, that I simply couldn’t stop giggling at. [There’s a blurb for your DVD, Ryan ;)] The cinematography, by Shaun O’Connell and his company Labyrinth Films, is of special note as outstanding and the cast collectively turns in pitch-perfect comedic performances. I can’t wait for others to discover what they have developed and I’m hoping they are able to garner enough positive response and sponsors to create Season 2.

The thing that stuck out most to me at the premiere though was not part of the film itself at all, it was something stated by Ryan during the Q&A: that being able to revisit Larry & The Monsters was a deeply personal experience for him because it was one of the first things he and Keith worked on together as filmmakers. That resonates with me in relation to Jamie Klotz’s Diary. As seen in the previous origins articles, the development of the two Jamie Klotz’s Diary movies were similarly connected to some of the earliest works I made or attempted as a filmmaker.

It was a neat experience to see that from the other end of the spectrum: seeing someone else’s dreams come true. Congrats to everyone at Magic-Time Films on their work!

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