The Hot Springs High School 2005-2006 Yearbook Video

So, very very early on in my filmmaking days, I approached my yearbook teacher with a cool idea: what if I documented an entire school year and then created a documentary about the year at the end as a retrospective that students could have as a keepsake of that year.

Everyone thought, hey, that is a great idea, let’s do it! And so I filmed a lot of stuff. But not everything. See, when you’re a high school student, you do have to go to class and you do have to study and you do have social groups that you don’t mesh too well with for whatever reason. So really what ended up being filmed was more the 2005-2006 school year, through my eyes. Yes, a few times I had other students take the camera and go shoot other material, but there was still a lot that I missed, largely in part due to my (common teenage problem of) not really fitting in or feeling comfortable in strange social groups.

What ended up happening was that the DVD of footage was finished but never released. In fact, I don’t even have a copy myself. However, I’ve been sitting on this raw footage for nearly a decade now and I figure, hey, now’s as good a time as any to put it out there.

So here it is, for the students of Hot Springs High School during the 2005-2006 school year. This playlist is not finished yet, there are still videos that need uploaded. I will update this post when it is complete, but I just wanted this explanation out there in case someone saw some of these and was curious where it came from and why.

Please remember, this is that school year through my eyes, not anyone else’s. (again, barring those 2-3 times I let someone else take the camera) I cleaned up some of the video, took out some irrelevant parts or parts that I knew would be embarrassing for some people I know, but for the most part I left it as it has been sitting on my hard drive for a decade. Teenagers say and do really stupid stuff and some of that is on there. There will probably be a lot of cringing for some people. But that’s who we were, and that should be celebrated!

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