This cast was one of the hardest we’ve ever had to do. This is literally the first show in Southern Hills Community Theater history where we just did not have the ability to cast everyone we wanted to and everyone who turned out, and believe us, it was extremely hard and sad for us. That being said: everyone who did try out and indicated an interest in helping behind the scenes, we will need a strong supporting stage & technical crew on this production.

Please reach out to us if you want to help us operate the show and “learn the ropes” behind the scenes! And PLEASE try out for the next show, too! Just because there wasn’t a part for you in this one doesn’t mean there won’t be in the next! EVERYONE who turned out auditioned BRILLIANTLY!

There are a few roles whose actors have not yet been finalized but here is the cast of The Christmas Heist.

The Kids:

Alex: Isaiah Crossman
Kelly: Rachel Davis
Kenzie: Jordyn Carey
Robin: Zach Cox
Shawna: Isabel Meyer

The Adults:

Ben: Garett Jack
Sarah: Okoye Zimiga
Mayor Cooper: Angel Haskell
Gus: Jake Pannill
Officer Powell: Morris Nelson
Jack Bussard: Ike Ikonen
Phyllis Falkowitz: Kathe Holen

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