The “Complete” Remix List

80’s Singles
– Guitar Man
– Bossa Nova Baby “12 inch” Remix
– The Elvis Medley

80’s Albums
Guitar Man, re-released on FTD as “Too Much Monkey Business.”

None that I have discovered yet

2000’s Singles (Officially Released)
– A Little Less Conversation Elvis vs JXL Radio Edit and Extended Remix
– A Little Less Conversation Elvis vs Skeewiff
– Rubberneckin’ Paul Oakenfold Radio Edit and Extended Remix
– Rubberneckin’ Jason Nevins Radio Edit and Extended Remix
– Rubberneckin’ DNA Project Remix (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
– Rubberneckin’ Joseph Pirzada Remix
– Born To Rock (C’mon Everybody) Joseph Pirzada Remix
– Baby Let’s Play House Spankox Re:Version
– Blue Moon of Kentucky Spankox Re:Version
– That’s All Right (Dance All Night) vs Lucy Clark
– One-Sided Love Affair Spankox Re:Mix
– Burning Love Mocean Worker Remix
– In The Ghetto Three 6 Mafia Remix
– I Got Stung Paul Oakenfold Remix
– Night Rider Dan Chase Remix

2000’s Bootleg Remixes
– Rubberneckin’ Good Time Elvis vs Pink Mash-Up
– Pump Up The Conversation Elvis vs M/A/R/R/S Mash-Up
– Viva Las Vegas Josh Wildfire Remix
– A Little Less Conversation Without Me Elvis vs Eminem Mash-Up
– Kiss Me Quick Maurice Magne Remix
– Kiss Me Quick DJ Esanto Remix
– King Creole wash8454 Remix
– Crawfish Pilooski Edit Remix
– Crying in the Chapel Reggae Mix
– Night Life (Uncredited Remix)
– Spinout Danny Handes Redux
– Let Yourself Go Danny Handes Redux
– Charro! Danny Handes Redux
– Wearing That Loved On Look Dr DJ Remix
– Marie Ike Remix
– Pocketful of Rainbows Salsa Remix (Uncredited)
– Burning Love Techno Mix (Uncredited)
– Suspicious Miracles leedm101 Mash-Up
– Little Sister fidelio200 Remix
– Find Out What’s Happening fidelio200 Remix
– Bossa Nova Baby/Blue River fidelio200 Remix
– Stuck on You fidelio200 Remix
– I Got A Feeling In My Body fidelio200 Remix
– Let Yourself Go fidelio200 Remix
– Elvis The Dialogue fidelio200 Remix (Elvis talking about his career)
– Strung Out Remix
– House-Of-Elvis Megamix (Burning Love, Viva Las Vegas, All Shook Up)
– In The Ghetto (Idoubleyou Remix)
– Elvis vs Run DMC (Blue Suede Shoes vs Walk This Way)
– Inherit the Wind (vs Beyonce and Jay-Z) kurtigghu remix
– A Little Less Sympathy PhilB vs Rolling Stones Mash-Up
– Viva Las Vegas (Sex and Music Remix – Uncredited)
– Fever (Remard69 Remix)
– In The Ghetto vs My Block – Elvis vs Tupac
– Polk Salad Annie wash8454 remix

2000’s Albums
– Billboard Gangsters (Elvis vs Jay-Z) by Cookin’ Soul
– Re:Versions vs Spankox
– Re:Mixes vs Spankox
– Alec Empire vs Elvis Presley
– Christmas Remixes vs Spankox

2010’s Official Remixes
– You Give Me Fever Spankox Remix
– Suspicious Minds (Viva Elvis Version)
– Burning Love (Viva Elvis Version)
– Love Me Tender (Viva Elvis Version)
– Fever (Happy Birthday Elvis Spankox Remix)
– Can’t Walk Out (16 Bar and Radio Edit Remixes)
– Suspicious Minds (The Movement Mix)
– Suspicious Minds (The Almighty Mix)
– Got A Lot O’ Living To Do (Viva Elvis Version)
– Hound Dog (Viva Elvis Version)
– Jailhouse Rock (Viva Elvis Version)

2010’s Bootleg Songs
– Kissin’ Cousins (Danny Handes Redux)
– Return To Sender (Matomatics Reggae Remix)
– I’ll Never Let You Go (Matomatics Reggae Remix)
– Suspicious Minds (Stereo Palma Club Mix)
– Suspicious Minds (Electro House Mix)
– Flaming Star (Souper’s Tribute to the King Remix)
– Blue Suede Shoes (Luca Bernardi Remix)
– Now or Never II (Bonordin Remix)
– Promised Land (Adam Mad Mash UP)
– Suspicious Minds/DJ Got Us Falling In Love (Usher Mashup – DJ Veleno Remix)
– Suspicion (DJ CIRE/DJ SATYR Remix)
– Baby I’ll Be There (Justin Bieber Mashup – Skeeterbitevids)

2010’s Official Albums
– Viva Elvis

2010’s Bootleg Albums
– Elvis in Reggae (Reggaesta Remixes)
– Elvis Re:Volution (Spankox Remixes)

I’m sure this list is incomplete but it’s a work in progress.

Welcome to Elvis Remixes!

I’d like to welcome you all to Elvis Remixes: the most complete collection of Elvis Remix information on the internet. Ever since the 2002 release of JXL’s “A Little Less Conversation” remix that took the world by storm, the Elvis world has been raging with battles over the legitimacy of altering the music of the man known to much of the world as the King of Rock and Roll.

I would like to begin by stating that yes, I support remixing Elvis’ music for a new generation. Quite frankly, I’m tired of the same old album releases every two or three years. We get a love songs compilation, a gospel compilation, a Christmas compilation, and an “essential” hits compilation, with track lists that hardly ever change.

Remixes have opened pathways for new Elvis music to be released, and also have reintroduced Elvis to a new generation. The official remixes released by RCA/BMG have been incorporated into TV shows, movies, and commercials. With the internet now being the main media source, amateur DJs have began following the path that JXL took with the first big Elvis project of the 21st century.

This blog’s goal is to document all Elvis remixes that have been released over the years. Now to clarify, our classification of a remix is that the track must have been drastically altered from the original to consider it a remix. This is not simply adding audience effects to make it a false live recording, nor is it simple rearranging of parts of a song, quite literally “RE-mixing” it. Generally if it adds nothing to the song, or doesn’t depart fairly drastically, it’s not a remix by our classification.

If anyone can point me in the direction of remixes I don’t already have listed, please contact me, and I’ll be glad to investigate. I’ve been collecting these remixes since I was probably around 14, and I am now 21. I hope everyone enjoys this blog. I will keep it updated as I can, and will try to post samples for most remixes.

One more quick note. Discussion is very welcome on this blog, but I must warn everyone that I have seen how this debate can and has destroyed the Elvis world very quickly when those people who absolutely do not like remixes get into it with those who do. I want you to know that if you do not like remixes, you are totally entitled to your opinion, and if you can manage to be civil in your debate, you are welcome to post. But I will NOT tolerate anyone getting into personal battles over this. This blog is for constructive discussion of a topic that many people are interested in.

If you can’t say something politely, don’t say anything at all. I hope you all find this information as fascinating as I do, and I hope to have some very neat articles up soon.