New music video from Sailed To Break coming Thanksgiving 2012!

Hey all,

I’ve been really busy lately with Save the VA, the documentary, and joining the community theater. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished with a rough cut of a new music video for Sailed to Break’s cover of “When We Stand Together.”

As some of you may know, the original we shot in May had to be pulled from YouTube due to location permission issues with the VA over the National Cemetery, where my great-great grandfather is buried. At least that’s the official stance. The unofficial stance is that Steve DiStasio and other VA Administrators didn’t like that we were succeeding in gaining ground and spreading the word about Save the VA and wanted to undermine us utilizing anything they could.

But! That’s in the past. On Thanksgiving Day, 2012, I will post the new music video here, on YouTube, on Facebook, and of course on

I’ve grown rather attached to this one, actually. I personally feel the narrative is a little stronger and it tells a more compelling story.

On a side note, I’m helping to produce the Sailed to Break debut CD, which will hopefully come out mid-December. We’ll be launching a fundraising campaign soon to help offset the costs of production and distribution and one of the kickbacks of helping the cause (besides a pre-ordered copy) is a DVD I’m producing that features interviews, live performances and music videos from the guys. It’ll be a fairly short program, about 30 minutes or so. I’ll get you guys more information about that as soon as the campaign launches.

As far as other projects are concerned, I am just finishing up the first draft of Halloween in Hot Springs: The Stage Adaptation, the documentary is coming along well (the first trailer should be out mid-December as well), and I found myself compelled to write a full treatment of a narrative that I’d like to flesh out later on after all this craziness dies down. Maybe I’ll let you guys in on that hilarious little treat sometime.

Anyway, thanks for all the support. There’s more to come and I will hopefully begin updating this blog more frequently as my projects start actually producing content!


NEW Sailed to Break behind the scenes videos

Hey everyone! I’ve got some new behind the scenes videos from the making of Sailed to Break’s debut album. I’m very fortunate to have been given such intimate access to the band & have been able to capture very interesting (and funny) moments as they develop their sound.

I’ll be continuing to post more as time goes on… speaking of which, here’s a video showing the boys working on their new single “Time.”

Partnership with local band Sailed to Break

Skeeter Bite Productions is pleased to announce a partnership with the Hot Springs-based band “Sailed to Break.”

After collaborating with the band, which includes guitarist Jarrett Weimer, drummer Karl Fahrenbruck, and bassist Dustin Aaberg, on a music video for Hot Springs’ Save the VA movement, video director Justin Gausman offered to produce a song on their upcoming debut album, with the song, an original composition by Weimer entitled “The Call,” to be included in Skeeter Bite Productions’ upcoming documentary “The Veterans Town.”

The partnership will include the song, its respective music video to promote the documentary, and at least one more music video for the band featuring another song from their upcoming album for promotional use.

For more news about this exciting partnership, keep checking back with Skeeter Bite Productions here & on Facebook!


Well, well, well…..

The third draft is coming together, and though for a moment we had a Ruby, we decided against using her as she didn’t fit the image set by the comic.

However, I have fleshed out all of the previous plot problems (which of course presents some new ones) but they are being taken care of.

I recently watched some amateur movies online and I was pleasantly surprised at how much quality one can make in a homemade film. I hope to pull off that type of feel with the Gibbers movie.

Anyway, better get going, it’s getting late where I’m at in the world, and I’ve got a bit of business to take care of tomorrow.


More Production Info


Hope it was a Happy Holiday for all!

Over the past couple weeks, I had a cold, so I sat around the house working on the movie script. After meeting with all of the others involved in the project, we agreed to change the movie to focus on a new villian and a more refined storyline.

Still no luck with finding a leading lady, but I now have a few people on the lookout. Hopefully we can pull this off, and if not I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

I’ll update later on next year when I have met up with my partners again, as I’ll have the third draft of the script done by New Year’s Eve (I plan to finish the final page at the stroke of midnight, for good luck.)

See ya round,

J. G.

Miretonia: World of Gibbers

In my first post about the fictional universe, there’s no better place to start than Miretonia, the world where Gibbers lives. It started out being inhabited by two varieties of a species: those who would come to stay and live in Miretonia, and those who would migrate to its sister planet, Olckt. In the dark ages, those who moved to Olckt came back in hopes of regaining land on Miretonia, which consisted of one ocean and one continent. The entire Olckt species was wiped out, except one, the sorceror Nilrem. The Miretonian who led the assault against the Olckters was the ancestor of Gibbers, Sir Ganfa.

There was peace and prosper in Miretonia for the next four ages, until a rebel group began to grow in size. They were led by Gantua Ganfa, Gibber’s uncle, who was an outcast of society when his novels failed to sell. He also had an alterior motive: his twin brother took the pretty girl Elenta that they had both fallen in love with at a young age. Gantua’s right-hand man, a metamorphical being named Transmeta, murdered the royal family and posed as them while the princess of Miretonia was off on vacation in Olckt with her newborn child, Daisy. The eldest member of the Royal Council headed the princess off and warned her of the dangers at the castle. The princess requested that he take Daisy, and go from sector to sector of the great city that Miretonia had become and take as many children as possible underground and train them to fight off Gantua’s army in the future. She then rode off to the royal castle to accept her fate.

The councilman did as asked and retrieved many children, including Gibbers, who was living with his mother after the murder of his father. Gantua captured Elenta (Gibbers’ mom) and the rest of the city as the councilman and the children fled to the underground. Gantua performed many tests using his and Elenta’s DNA to create an ultimate heir to the throne. Finally, after including a little alteration in the DNA to make the child super-powered, he had the ultimate test-tube heir. He was named in spite of Gibbers, and for the effect the alterations made to his body: Phantom Gibbers.

After time, Phantom Gibbers got bored of the ruling of Miretonia and murdered his own “father” and became ruler of Miretonia with hopes of taking over the galaxy, or possible the universe. In the meantime, on a trip to get help, Gibbers crash-landed on Earth and had amnesia and it was a year before Gibbers returned to Miretonia, after Phantom Gibbers had discovered where Gibbers was at.

Gibbers defeated Phantom Gibbers, and Daisy went from leader of the underground to queen of Miretonia. She set up a working government and in two years time married Gibbers. Since then, Miretonia has been a world at peace once again, and Daisy and Gibbers have produced a son, Prince Gibby, who will one day take over in place of them.

We almost had ‘er!


In a few minor notes of production, yesterday, I had two people offer to play Ruby, but at the last minute today, they turned down the part.

On a lighter note, the person playing the Elvis character has accepted to sing “A Little Less Conversation” for the movie rather than dub someone else’s vocals.

If we could only find a Ruby, we could begin this movie within a matter of weeks. Well, gotta fly, I’ll check up later.