Jamie Klotz’s Diary Movies

The Incredible Search For:

“The Incredible Search for Jamie Klotz’s Diary” is based on a premise director Justin Gausman created almost 10 years previously to the completion of the film, about a girl (in 2004 called Jamie Klutz) who must go in search of her stolen diary.

The final film doesn’t stray too far from that original premise. It follows 17 year old Jamie Klotz (Aspen Watts) as she tries to recover her diary, which has now been stolen by by a mysterious professor and his two students. With help from a mad scientist (whom the diary belonged to previously), her best friends Kaitlyn & Brandon, and a strange being from another dimension known only as “The Man,” Jamie ends up discovering a plot to unleash an ancient, supernatural sorceress onto the world.

The Incredible Search debuted on September 21, 2013 at the Mueller Civic Center in Hot Springs, South Dakota and was well received by the audience. Reviews and feedback from viewers of the movie both at the premiere and after its release online were generally positive, commenting that the film indicated promise from its writer-director, as well as good feedback on the engaging story, beautiful locations and humor of the cast & script.



The Extraordinary Secret Of:

“The Extraordinary Secret of Jamie Klotz’s Diary II” is the follow-up sequel. Audience members at the premiere of the first movie asked if there were plans to create another Jamie Klotz film and while the cast was game, director-writer Justin Gausman was hesitant, saying he didn’t want to reuse characters and situations when there were perhaps more interesting stories in the works, but he maintained that if a story presented itself that would work as a sequel, he would consider it.

On April 11, 2014, Skeeter Bite Productions announced production would begin on Jamie Klotz’s Diary II, and over a year later, on May 29, 2015, Jamie Klotz’s Diary II premiered before a Hot Springs audience at the Mueller Civic Center.

This time around, Jamie Klotz, now 19 and returning from her first year at college, has her diary

stolen again almost as soon as she arrives in her hometown. When she goes to ask her friends for help, they act like completely different people and after a short visit with the comedic being known only as The Man, Jamie discovers that her diary has an extraordinary secret: that it has the power to travel through time. Realizing whoever stole her diary changed the course of time, Jamie races through the past, future and present to find out who the tyrannical “Leader” is and to stop him from ruling the entire universe.

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