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Sailed to Break: Main Street
Short Documentary
Status: Completed
Release: January 15, 2013 (CD Preorder Bonus Only)
Starring: Jarrett Weimer, Dustin Aaberg, Karl Fahrenbruck, and Ty Hill
Summary: A 40 minute behind the scenes glimpse of a band of young men during the recording of their first, and ultimately only, CD.

The Incredible Search for Jamie Klotz’s Diary
Feature Film
Status: Completed
Release: September 21, 2013
Written by: Justin Gausman & Daniel Crossman
Starring: Aspen Watts, Okoye Zimiga, Bridgett Hill, Daniel Crossman, Garett Jack, Isaiah Crossman & Sam Martin
Summary: A teenage girl has to stop a professor and his two crony students from unknowingly unleashing a supernatural sorceress bent on destruction upon the world.

Christmas Radio
Stage Production
Status: Completed
Release: December 12-14, 2013
Written by Justin Gausman, Based on an idea by Betsy Savage
Produced by Betsy Savage and Southern Hills Community Theater
Summary: Take a step back in time to 1942 as Nancy, manager of radio station KRGO, prepares their first-ever performance of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” But it’s 30 minutes to showtime and a treacherous snowstorm has prevented half the chorus from arriving, the Cratchit children are stuck at home, the sound effects man has come down with the flu, and the famous (but pretentious) Hollywood actor who’s supposed to draw in listeners hasn’t attended rehearsals all week! Down to a skeleton cast, can Nancy put on the best show of her career in this funny, high-spirited play with a whole lot of heart?

The Extraordinary Secret of Jamie Klotz’s Diary II
Feature Film
Status: Completed
Release: May 29, 2015; Directors Cut: March 27, 2017
Starring: Aspen Watts, Aryona Watts, Daniel Crossman, Okoye Zimiga, Garett Jack, Dustin Aaberg, Sam Martin, Isaiah Crossman, Jassmine Epps
Written & Directed by Justin Gausman
Summary: When Jamie Klotz returns home from her first year of college, her diary is stolen (again!?) and she finds herself in an alternate reality when it’s revealed her diary holds a secret power: time travel! With the help of The Man and her 13-year-old self, Jamie has to fix the altered timeline to get her friends back.

The Christmas Heist
Stage Production
Status: Completed
Release: December 10-12, 2015
Written by Justin Gausman
Produced by Betsy Savage and Southern Hills Community Theater
Summary: Set in 1980s Colorado, a bank robber on the run gets stuck in a small mountain town a few days before Christmas and ends up involved in a conflict between a local group of teenagers and a corrupt mayor who wants to tear down their favorite hangout, Gus’ Motel.

The Black Owl
Short Film
Status: Completed
Release: June 5, 2016
Written by Justin Gausman
Starring: Okoye Zimiga, Aryona Watts, Isaiah Crossman, Stacey Martin, Sam Martin
Summary: When small town superhero The Black Owl rescues Ike from a mugger, Ike decides to try to figure out who the Black Owl is. Meanwhile, her sidekick Chickadee roots out a meeting between a corrupt city council member and a mob boss.

I Sent My Grandma into the Past!
Stage Production
Status: Completed
Premiere: March 30-31, April 1, 2017
Written by Justin Gausman
Produced by Southern Hills Community Theater
Summary: Troublemaking 17 year old Zoey is sent to live with her Grandma Margaret for the summer to straighten her out, but when Grandma accidentally stumbles onto a time machine, Zoey has to go back in time to rescue her.

Never Been to Graceland
Short Film
Status: Completed
Release: August 16, 2017
Starring: Stephen Farruggia, Bridgett Hill, Harland Allen, David Scott, Nik Aberle, Tyler Mathieson, Andi Waters, Wendee Pettis
Summary: When a long-lost Elvis Presley recording is supposedly discovered, journalist AJ and avid Elvis enthusiast Michael hit the road in hopes of hearing it before it’s scooped up by a wealthy collector.

SideQuests: Episode Gorf
Short Film
Status: Completed
Release: December 31, 2017
Starring: Zach Cox, Isabel Meyer, Oliver Juhl
Summary: Blink is not a hero. Don’t root for him because he will only disappoint you. You see, Blink too a vow never to be a hero or do anything important ever. Too bad a rebellious young woman and a strange frog have other ideas.


Other projects I’ve worked on include working as a PA on Linn Productions’ “Until Forever,” as an actor in the anthology short film “Hike the Movie,” as a sound recordist on the webseries “Larry and the Monsters,” a variety of fundraising, educational or commercial videos for organizations like the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, the Hot Springs Public Library, Save the VA Committee, Boys & Girls Club of Hot Springs as well as videos for regional bands Sailed to Break, Granite Sun and Fall River Rising.

Shelved, archival and incomplete experimental projects include the noir spoof “The Big Play,” comedy webseries “Adventures in Hot Springs,” a comedy feature film titled “Taterfied,”  and a video yearbook for the 2005-2006 Hot Springs High School. Many portions or whole versions of these projects can be seen in the playlist below.

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    1. Never Been to Graceland is a bit of both. It’s not laugh out loud funny like JKD or JKD2, but there’s quite a bit of humor, but it’s balanced out by some hopefully meaty drama.


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